Sean & Sara’s Engagement Shoot: Polka dots, A Museum, and Ice Cream

So here’s another reason why engagement shoots are great. Unlike a wedding day, the couple can be relaxed and act basically like they would if they were on a date. This gives me, the photographer, not only the chance to get to know them better, but also the opportunity to capture those sweet moments that show who they are as a couple!

For their shoot, Sean and Sara decided to dress up and spend a day in the city with Jordan and me. We had a blast in St. Louis, first at the City Museum and then at Crown Candy Kitchen (an amazing hole-in-the-wall ice cream place that’s literally 100 years old)!

Sara lives hundreds of miles away, and she had to fly back home the day after their shoot. The next time they’ll see each other is a few days before their wedding this summer!

At the end of our shoot, we headed to Sean’s car from the restaurant only to find that someone had smashed his window and stolen some of my camera gear from the trunk. (Luckily Sara’s wedding ring was not taken!)

But here’s the thing. Stuff is stuff. It either breaks, gets stolen, or eventually gets old and worn out. Seeing Sean and Sara’s relationship and celebrating this time in their lives with them not only reminded me how blessed I am to have the amazing husband and family that I have, it also reminded me that while bad things do happen good things happen too. And no matter how many bad things happen the good things will always outweigh them!

At the end of the day what matters is the people we love and the relationships we have. Those improve over time, and no one can steal them 🙂

















All images Copyright Mitanjeli Starkweather.

1 responses to Sean & Sara’s Engagement Shoot: Polka dots, A Museum, and Ice Cream

  1. Valerie Dickau says:

    Saweet!! Love your story behind the pictures Anji! Hoping you’re available to do my kids weddings when the time comes!!!!!
    Auntie Val

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