How Chris & Ashton Enjoyed Their Wedding Day

Nearly five years of experience as a wedding photographer has taught me something interesting about weddings. So I’m going to give advice. I love giving advice (just ask my friends, my husband, or the kids at our church) especially when it comes to weddings! 

I’ve worked with brides in various cities throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Some cities are big, others are small. Some weddings are huge, others are intimate. I think many brides assume that the bigger the wedding, the more stress. They think that if they have a small wedding or don’t spend much money, things will be much easier and details will pan out more smoothly.


Four of my past brides immediately come to mind when I think of brides who were not stressed about their wedding day. Guess what? These brides had very different weddings with very different budgets and very different family situations. So what did they do that made their day seem effortless?

They paid attention to details! Now don’t misunderstand me–they didn’t focus on details on the wedding day itself, but they delegated tasks and took care of details ahead of time! 

I know. It sounds stupidly simplistic. But this is another thing all those brides did: They hired wedding coordinators! Whether the coordinator was a seasoned professional or just an organized friend with a loud voice who was happy to help out, these people made the days go SO smoothly and in turn allowed the bride and groom to enjoy their special day.

The wedding I had the joy of documenting last week in Texas was so lovely. When I met Ashton at the salon she was even more calm than I was! She’d slept in that morning and had even planned an hour between the salon and pre-ceremony pictures to just relax at her house.

I’ll admit–I never thought these types of things were possible on a bride’s wedding day. But it turns out, you’ll make time for what you want to make time for. So if a professional coordinator isn’t in the budget, ask a friend to help out! Just make sure you are not the one who keeps the best day of your life from being anything less than just that!

























All Images Copyright 2013 Mitzi Starkweather

3 responses to How Chris & Ashton Enjoyed Their Wedding Day

  1. Karen Stamps says:

    Mitanjeli, I LOVE your style! Thanks so much for the beautiful preview pictures. ❤

  2. ladylorraine says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful setting. Lovely bride. Great photography!

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