Tanya and Jesse – Mexico Destination Wedding – Cassville MO photographer

JTMexicoBLOG-09 My entire extended family lives in Canada (and a few of them more recently in Florida), so visits have always been few and far between. So when my cousin Tanya announced a destination wedding at the Now Jade in the Mayan Riviera for 4/4/14, you can imagine everyone’s excitement! It was incredible how many friends and family members made the journey to Mexico for their destination wedding. In fact, these two got choked up when they stood to thank everyone at the end of the reception and found that though they are seasoned professionals in broadcasting, they were speechless. These two truly and completely enjoyed their wedding celebration. That sounds like a “duh” statement but of all the couples I’ve spent time with over the years, I can only truthfully say that about some. The layout of this blog post basically equals the design for their album. Since I custom design every book and album, I really don’t see why I shouldn’t present their story to all of you in the same way they are going to see/remember it! A few outtakes are always nice (but don’t worry–not in the album), including the groom relaxing in a hammock while the bride touches up her makeup, and tourists looming in the background of a fabulous bridal portrait. JTMexicoBLOG-08     And seriously, is her tinted Vera Wang dress not amazing?? I loved the way it swept and flowed around her as she stood in the ocean breeze. Just too perfect. Enjoy!     JTMexicoBLOG-16   JTMexicoBLOG-10   JTMexicoBLOG-01 JTMexicoBLOG-02 JTMexicoBLOG-15   JTMexicoBLOG-12   JTMexicoBLOG-14   JTMexicoBLOG-11 JTMexicoBLOG-03 JTMexicoBLOG-13     JTMexicoBLOG-04


JTMexicoBLOG-17 JTMexicoBLOG-07

JTMexicoBLOG-06   All images Copyright Mitzi Starkweather Photography www.mitzistarkweatherphotography.com

1 response to Tanya and Jesse – Mexico Destination Wedding – Cassville MO photographer

  1. Lady Lorraine says:

    This photography is ART: beauty and emotion; you’ve captured Life and Love here. Wonderful!

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