What to Wear for Engagement Photos – Missouri Wedding Photographer

My clients always ask for suggestions when it comes to what to wear for their engagement photo session. Since most of these sessions take place in Missouri, we all know how crazy the weather can be. I always recommend wearing layers and accessories (scarves and cardigans are great!) so my clients can be comfortable. Accessories are also just visually appealing, and I always tell my clients, “The more, the better!”

Below are a few basic categories that I tell all my clients to draw inspiration from: Dressy, Complementary, and Casual. Notice “Matching” is not one of the categories. Please. Don’t match– unless you both wear black. (You’ll thank me later.)

But as always, look like yourselves. Don’t get all dressed up if that’s the last thing you’d ever do in real life. And don’t feel you have to wear jeans if dresses are what you’re comfortable in! Be yourselves, and feel free to bring several outfits along!






Dressing up just looks awesome. You may think, “Wow I feel so dressed up… does this look weird?” But when you see your images, you won’t think that at all. I’ve seen everything from a nice button-up shirt for him and a lacy dress for her, to dress shirts, ties, and slacks for him and nicer dresses and heels for her. I think this gives a very classy feel to the session, but really depends on your locations. No matter what you decide, give thought to having at least part of your session done with outfits like this! Like I said, it just looks really really good!







I love complementary colors!! So easy and so dynamic. And once again, please don’t match. A monochromatic theme can look great if you do it right, but you’ll regret wearing matching white oxford shirts. (Exception: matching black with black can look good, with the right location.)





That’s right! Most of my clients wear jeans for at least part of their session. If you want to wear what you feel comfortable in and look like you do on a regular day, go for it. For ladies, I just advise that you wear a little extra makeup (or get it done by a pro!) and wear any extra accessories you happen to like. Scarves, jewelry, headbands, cute shoes, etc., all complete your look really well.




Like any other “rules” in art and fashion, these can be broken. But this is the generic advice I give my clients:

-Stay away from all white or all red.

-Stay away from big logos or print on shirts.

-Wear colors that look good on you! (That color that makes everyone say “I love that on you!”)

-Wear clothes that you feel flatter your best features.

-Make sure your nails look great (completely polished, in a color you won’t hate next year), or leave them natural.

-Get your makeup done by a professional. (Remember, thick bottom eyeliner make eyes appear smaller in photos! I always recommend top eyeliner instead.)

-Wear your contacts rather than your glasses (if you have the option).

-Ask me if you need any help!!


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