Katie and Landon – Northwest Arkansas Engagement

This engagement session was just incredible. Katie had an amazing idea: The scenic train that goes from Springdale, Arkansas to Van Buren. Not only was the weather perfect, the foliage lush, and every other detail basically ideal, these two said their day was perfect in every way and they had so much fun. (We did too!) I just love when I get those clients who I genuinely enjoy spending time with. These two are definitely one of those couples!!

Please take notice of the different outfits Katie painstakingly chose, shopped for, and kept wrinkle-free during our day’s adventure (seriously, she put so much effort into this and it shows). They’re even in a few of my example photos from my recent blog on What to Wear for Engagement Pictures!

When they came to view their images this morning, I was so incredibly happy to see that they loved them as much as I did. We got some custom invitations started for them (man are those adorable), and we ate quite a few chocolate muffins. (Everyone who comes to my home studio gets fed. It’s not really negotiable.)

I definitely recommend the Arkansas Missouri Railroad for a photo shoot or any outing in general! Just be prepared to take a nice long nap on the ride home 🙂






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