Canada Part I: Featured Photos


As you probably already know, I just returned from 2 solid weeks in Western Canada. 24 years ago I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and just after I turned 7 my family moved to the US.  We’ve gone back to visit at least a dozen times, but this visit was pretty unique. Not only had I not been to Canada since the summer of 2010, but this time my husband got to see it for the first time! We also celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary! (Let that sink in for a second: 60 years. And they are more in love than ever.)

One blog post or Facebook album full of 300 photos doesn’t do anyone any good. In fact, before we even left for the airport I had planned to document this trip in a way that would help me introduce my family and home country to you all in a real and effective way. Everyone always asks, “How was your trip?” I always say, “Great!” And then a small percentage of those people go on to ask what I DID in Canada. And that’s a hard question to answer. I usually just mention a couple of highlights, then smile and move along. But this time I didn’t want to do that… I want to remember, and to process. I want others to see things that are dear to my heart. I want you all to know that, for instance, on this trip I was able to visit my grandfather’s grave for the first time since he passed in 2007. And during this moment I took the first photo I’ve ever taken while sobbing.  I want you to see how far we travelled within the country (nearly 3,000 miles), and I want you to see how close my sister and I always are during these trips, and how she inspires me every time I’m with her. I want you to see the adorable laugh my mom does after she fake-smiles for a photo and I tell her not to look so constipated (hey, whatever works!). I want you to see how important these people are to me, and how much I cherish the few days I get to spend with them every few years.

This post, titled “Featured Photos,” is the first of a few posts I plan to share with you. These are photos that I instinctively have a title for. (They also help preview the parts of our trip I’ll share more photos of later.)

Thanks for taking the time to essentially sit through my vacation slides! I hope they remind you of places you’ve visited and people you’ve met. I hope they inspire you.




1. Mannville, Alberta.
“He was too young.”


2. Edmonton, Alberta.
“Tourists in our own home.”


3. Edmonton, Alberta.
“39 minutes.”FP03

4. Edmonton, Alberta.
“Friends forever.”Fp04

5. La Ronde Restaurant, Edmonton.
“The fancy dinner.”


6. “What on earth are pea shoots?”FP05

7. Downtown Edmonton.
“Aurora Borealis.” FP06

8. Edmonton.
“Rockin the mixed prints.”

9. Legislative Grounds, Edmonton.
“27 years later.”FP08

10-11. Panorama, B.C.
“You are going to take so many pictures of me doing yoga in the Rocky mountains.”


12. “Try not to look so constipated.”FP10

13. “It’s only a 15-20 minute hike!”FP10b

14. Invermere, B.C.
“The lakes of Canada.”FP11

15. Panorama, B.C.
“You can see the third one today!”

16. “How they really are.”Fp13

17. Invermere, B.C.
“I hope we see a moose!”FP15

18. Drumheller, Alberta.
“Pleasantly surprised.”FP16

19. Medicine Hat, Alberta.
“The giants must have gone bowling!”FP16b

20. “Bet you can’t do this when YOU’RE 85!”FP17

21. “We’re always talking at the same time and we can’t even hear each other! But we’re totally okay with that!”FP17b

22. “I’m nervous and somewhat excited.”Fp17c

23. “The Great White Chief North of 49.”Fp18

24-25. “Words can’t describe what you mean to me.”FP18b FP19

2 responses to Canada Part I: Featured Photos

  1. beccapocca says:

    Amazing. Just so amazing. Stop making me jealous that we didn’t get to see you. Ok maybe keep doing that.

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