Taylor + Nate – Joplin Missouri Wedding Photographer


This magical outdoor farm wedding was an absolute dream. And the weather was perfect (like, PERFECT). The groom’s family was a particularly fun group– in fact, his older brother’s wedding is the first one I ever did! You can probably tell from the photos that Nate is the youngest and that his older brothers love to give him a hard time, and that Taylor has the sweetest parents in the world. You can also probably tell that Taylor and Nate are the best of friends, and that they don’t even have to try to have fun together.

This was the first wedding I’ve ever been to that took place in an oat field, complete with tractor and horse drawn buggies to get the guests to their perfect white chairs. Oh, and I always appreciate dogs… especially when they’re wearing little tuxes and prancing around during the ceremony! Too cute. The groomsmen also played a wonderful prank on the bride and groom. When they asked for the rings during the ceremony, the three acted like they weren’t sure where they’d put them, and pulled things out of their coat pockets like ring pops! Just as Nate started to look worried they picked up little shovels and dug a box out of the dirt beneath them and said, “Oh yeah! We knew we put it somewhere safe!” 🙂 But my favorite part of the day was when Taylor could hardly speak her vows because she was so overcome with emotion… It was so beautiful. Weddings are awesome. Every time I shoot one I tell myself, “This is the most important wedding you’ll ever do.”

Because it is.


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2 responses to Taylor + Nate – Joplin Missouri Wedding Photographer

  1. loritischler says:

    Stunning, gorgeous and so much heart! I’m going to look at them a second time now. (And I don’t know a soul in them.)

  2. Lori says:

    I appreciate that! I am the mom of the bride and am so happy with all that happened that day and glad it shows in the beautiful pictures Mitzi took!

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