Macy Family – Lifestyle Family Photography – Joplin Photographer

This fall was full of weddings, senior portraits and head shots, and families! I’m really loving lifestyle family sessions… they really bring out the beauty of every family and their unique environment.

Zac and Liz have been great friends and their baby boy Zatis is just perfect. He was SO good during the entire session, and even when they came to view their images this week! Here’s a look at this sweet family! I hope to give you all an idea of how I do lifestyle family photography so you can consider having it done for yourselves. I can’t wait to have one of my photographer friends do this for me when baby time comes! (Not for a while, though. Don’t get excited, mom.)

More blogs coming soon! Just trying to get caught up. Busy is GOOD, though and I’m so thankful for all of our wonderful clients 🙂 You guys are amazing!!



Macy01-1 Macy01-2 Macy02 Macy03 Macy04 Macy05 Macy06 Macy07 Macy08 macy09 Macy10 Macy11 Macy12 Macy13 Macy14 Macy15

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