Christine and Rhys – Houston Woodlands Engagement Session

Market Street in the Woodlands (in Houston, TX) is such a beautiful area. All of the unique shops and restaurants made the perfect backdrop for this engagement session! Halfway through, we popped into a local boutique (because local businesses are awesome) to warm up. It was barely 50 degrees outside, and in Houston that basically means it’s a snow day. The ladies at Langford Market handed us champagne and took a photo of us for their store’s IG feed–Have I mentioned how much I love local businesses?? Anyway, we had a fun afternoon and I’m so excited to share these images with you all!

Some of you have asked me why I  frequently do weddings and engagements in both Southwest Missouri AND Houston, Texas. (I know, it seems pretty random.) Well, my family lives in Houston, and I’ve found that traveling there to work makes 1) a nice change from what I’m used to, 2) my mom pretty happy. Rhys and Christine’s Houston wedding will take place this August and we’re so excited for it! 

All the best!




HoustonEngagement13 HoustonEngagement12 HoustonEngagement11 HoustonEngagement10 HoustonEngagement09 HoustonEngagement08 HoustonEngagement07HoustonEngagement15 HoustonEngagement06 HoustonEngagement05 HoustonEngagement04 HoustonEngagement03HoustonEngagement16HoustonEngagement17

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