Lauren and Brayton – Joplin Wedding Photographer

I just love Joplin so much. We moved back here last October (though I haven’t lived in Joplin since 2009… Hey, home is home), and on the first day of November, Lauren and Brayton got married! The weather was gorgeous. Their first look was perfect, Christ’s Church of Oronogo made the perfect spot for their ceremony and formals, and then the Elks Lodge in Joplin glittered all evening long during their reception!

I’m a sucker for calligraphy, gold accents, and sparkler exits. Man, was their decor beautiful. The reception was definitely the highlight of the evening. There was great food by Mythos, an awesome DJ from Complete Music in Springfield, and tons of laughter and dancing. I can’t help but smile even as I look back through their photos now… what a beautiful day.

Joplin really does have so much to offer. I’m SO excited for this year’s weddings! And if you’re getting hitched this year, regardless of where, contact me so we can get “Photographer” checked off the list!

JoplinWeddingPhotographer01 JoplinWeddingPhotographer02 JoplinWeddingPhotographer03 JoplinWeddingPhotographer03b JoplinWeddingPhotographer04 JoplinWeddingPhotographer05 JoplinWeddingPhotographer06 JoplinWeddingPhotographer07 JoplinWeddingPhotographer08 JoplinWeddingPhotographer09 JoplinWeddingPhotographer10 JoplinWeddingPhotographer11 JoplinWeddingPhotographer12 JoplinWeddingPhotographer13 JoplinWeddingPhotographer14 JoplinWeddingPhotographer15 JoplinWeddingPhotographer16 JoplinWeddingPhotographer17 JoplinWeddingPhotographer18 JoplinWeddingPhotographer19 JoplinWeddingPhotographer20 JoplinWeddingPhotographer21 JoplinWeddingPhotographer22 JoplinWeddingPhotographer23 JoplinWeddingPhotographer24 JoplinWeddingPhotographer25 JoplinWeddingPhotographer26 JoplinWeddingPhotographer27 JoplinWeddingPhotographer28 JoplinWeddingPhotographer29 JoplinWeddingPhotographer30 JoplinWeddingPhotographer31 JoplinWeddingPhotographer31b JoplinWeddingPhotographer32 JoplinWeddingPhotographer33

Want more info about our weddings? Of course you do!

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