A Most Lovable Launch Party – Write it Down Stationery of Joplin

I’m still daydreaming about last night’s exquisite launch party for Joplin’s very own new stationery company: Write it Down Stationery. First of all, this is the first year that I’ve ever considered that Valentine’s Day can be to February as Christmas is to December, and let’s just say I am now SO excited for next year!

This pink and sparkly evening was for girls only (because, as the table cloth so eloquently put it, boys are stinky), and a dozen of us showed up at dinner time in our Valentine’s Day best. We were greeted by Ashley, Melissa, Ashley’s red tutu (just wait til you see it), and adorable jars of strawberry milk — each topped with a that looks too good to be real doughnut! Bright, beautiful doughnuts (spelled the fancy way of course) are one of Write it Down Stationery’s signature inspirations, along with sparkles, sharing, effortless purple brush strokes, and heart-eye emojis.

I was so thrilled to photograph the beautiful details of the party, so look at the pictures before you read the rest of this blog! (I’m about to get kinda preachy.) And if you fall in love with their beautiful cards as quickly as I did, you can purchase them online or at their adorable Hip Handmade Market booth in Joplin next month!!

Now I’m going to tell you what I loved the very most about the evening. It wasn’t the magical decor (which I still can’t get over), it wasn’t the new and old friends I got to visit with, and it wasn’t even the five delicious courses served by And Company Eats. There’s this wonderful cliche called “following your dreams” and only during the past few months have I truly come to realize what it means.

So many people have ideas. Quite of few of them even have great ideas! The problem comes when the time comes to make those ideas happen. And the older we get, the more quickly we dismiss our ideas… especially the wacky or whimsical or “impractical” ones. When I graduated from college almost two years ago, I felt the immense obligation to become serious. I googled how to look older (because I was tired of people thinking I was 17 when I was 23), and when I read that I should cut my hair short and wear glasses, I got my hair cut short and threw my contacts away. I stopped keeping idea journals and replaced my DAV favorites with grey and black slacks.

I say all this to make one single point that I think many of you will be able to relate to: I grew up.

I “grew up.”

I “grew up” in the worst possible way.

I started to get consumed by practicality and ROI and all the other things that become all too real when you start your own business. Though I made my living as an artist, I put productivity and profit ahead of beauty and imagination.

I feel like I could write for hours about this experience. But instead I’d like to sum it all up by quoting one of my favorites, C.S. Lewis, who says it best:

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

Yep. Now read that quote again.

I bet each of us has had some idea at some point that we squelched or stepped on our pushed into the corner because our “grown up” brains told us all the reasons why we shouldn’t pursue it. And last night I got to talk to incredible women who have different professions and different dreams and I got to hear about why they do what they do, the failures they’ve experienced, and the joy that following their dreams has given them.

And that’s the cloud I’ve been floating on all day. The amazing thing about following your dreams and pursuing what you want to pursue is that you inspire others to do the same! That’s what last night was: it was inspiration and fun and beauty and all of the other “impractical” things that actually make life worth living.

Also, we did a handmade Valentine exchange. 🙂

Here’s to being “grown ups” who take time to eat together, wear red tutus, send snail mail, eat doughnuts, and dream.


Writeitdownstationery02 Writeitdownstationery03 Writeitdownstationery04 Writeitdownstationery05 Writeitdownstationery06 Writeitdownstationery07 Writeitdownstationery08 Writeitdownstationery09 Writeitdownstationery09b Writeitdownstationery10 Writeitdownstationery11 Writeitdownstationery12 Writeitdownstationery13 Writeitdownstationery13b Writeitdownstationery14 Writeitdownstationery15


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