Snow Day Shoot with Kennedy – Joplin MO Senior Photographer

Snow days, prom dresses, and gorgeous subjects are some of my favorite things. Every time I’m asked what inspires me most and what I most love to photograph, I always say, “Women.” That’s been my answer since 2008. Every woman has her own beauty, and I think that’s fascinating! Whether she’s a bride, a mother, a sweet daughter, or (like in Kennedy’s case) a high school senior, she has her own unique beauty. (Whether she realizes it or not.)

Shooting boudoir for the past few years has improved my photography in so many areas– especially when it comes to photographing women. Initially I didn’t expect this, but I’m starting to see the ripple effect in all of my work! Don’t you love when you work your hind end off for months at a time and then turn around and look back periodically to see how far you’ve come? Sometimes that feels pretty good.

I know we’re all anxious for spring. Just remember that every season has its own magical qualities… and every season is worth celebrating.

(Speaking of upcoming seasons, I can’t wait for what I have planned for April and May, especially for my seniors!)

Now it’s time to grab my heated blanket and resume that House of Cards marathon! Stay warm!

JoplinSenior02JoplinSenior01JoplinSenior04 JoplinSenior03 JoplinSenior05JoplinSenior05c JoplinSenior06JoplinSenior05b JoplinSenior10 JoplinSenior11 JoplinSenior12

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