Keli – Bridals at the Ramsay – Downtown Joplin

The Ramsay building in downtown Joplin will always be one of our favorite local venues. (In fact, I had my own wedding there on a Sunday almost four years ago, and it’s only gotten better since then!) We’ve shot several weddings at The Ramsay, but Keli’s bridal shoot last week let us explore the venue in a whole new way. The quiet building was bathed in 8 am light (very different from the late afternoon light most people are used to) and we love the way Keli’s dress and veil gleam in the photos!

One of the things we did with our 2015 wedding collection pricing was encourage the addition of a bridal shoot! You all know that female portraiture is our favorite thing ever, so you can imagine why we root for bridal shoots! Usually these take place before the wedding, and are kind of a dress rehearsal for the bride! Or, like in Keli’s case (since we were already booked on her wedding date last fall–bummer!), the bridal shoot can take place after the wedding! (Outdoor bridal shoots can be amazing too!)

We’re so very excited for what the rest of 2015 holds! Bridals, weddings, boudoir shoots, seniors, and adorable families. Thank you for welcoming us (back) to Joplin with open arms since October 🙂 We are loving it and we can’t wait for what’s ahead!!

-Mitzi Ramsay01 Ramsay03 Ramsay04 Ramsay05 Ramsay06 Ramsay07 Ramsay07b Ramsay08 Ramsay09a Ramsay10 Ramsay11 Ramsay12 Ramsay13 Ramsay14 Ramsay15 Ramsay16 Ramsay17 Ramsay18

Curious about our bridals and weddings?

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