A Trip to the City Museum – Joplin MO Photographer


I got to go to St. Louis this weekend with Jordan’s step-mom Nancy and my three nieces! Mariah, Libby, and Maggie are hilarious. I followed them around the incredible City Museum yesterday and documented their adventures. If you didn’t already know, I have a passion for both documentary-type photography and grainy black and white film. (Yes, these images were shot digitally and then made to look like film, but we can keep that between us, okay? I promise I put in my darkroom time in 2006!)

One of my favorite things about black and white photography is that it makes us see our world in a different light… literally. There is just light and dark. I like to think it makes us notice things we might not otherwise pay attention to, and that’s why I love it.

The other reason I converted these images to “film” prints is because I do intend to print them. I refuse to be a member of the digital age who only has a drawer of useless thumb drives to show their grandchildren someday. (I encourage you to think about that too, friends.)

Last week was crazy. The weeks ahead are going to be crazy. But I knew I needed to take time to shoot something for myself, so I did. That’s why I’m up at midnight blogging about it. I do hope you enjoy it, but even if you don’t, I do. And sometimes that’s enough 🙂


CityMuseum01 CityMuseum02 CityMuseum03 CityMuseum04 CityMuseum05 CityMuseum06 CityMuseum07 CityMuseum08 CityMuseum09 CityMuseum11 CityMuseum12 CityMuseum13 CityMuseum14 CityMuseum15 CityMuseum16 CityMuseum17 CityMuseum18 CityMuseum19 CityMuseum20 CityMuseum21 CityMuseum22 CityMuseum23 CityMuseum24 CityMuseum25 CityMuseum25b CityMuseum26


Want to see images from my last trip to the City Museum for Sean & Sara’s engagement session?

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