Jen – Bridal Portraits – Destination Wedding Photographer

We traveled to California a couple weeks ago for Jen and Charlie’s beautiful outdoor wedding. One of my favorite parts of every wedding is photographing the bride! I love seeing the way her friends and family interact with her as she gets ready, as she puts on her dress, and then as she finally looks in the mirror and the incredible reality that it’s her wedding day sets in.

This is a blog post celebrating Jen and her beauty. These photographs have documented the hours of hair and makeup preparation, the dress that was altered six times so it would fit perfectly, the accessories that were carefully chosen…

I can’t wait to share their full wedding blog with you soon! But til then, here are the beautifully simple moments of preparation, followed by celebration, of bridal beauty.


DestinationWeddingPhotographer01 DestinationWeddingPhotographer02 DestinationWeddingPhotographer03 DestinationWeddingPhotographer04 DestinationWeddingPhotographer05 DestinationWeddingPhotographer06 DestinationWeddingPhotographer07 DestinationWeddingPhotographer08 DestinationWeddingPhotographer09 DestinationWeddingPhotographer10 DestinationWeddingPhotographer11 DestinationWeddingPhotographer12 DestinationWeddingPhotographer13 DestinationWeddingPhotographer14 DestinationWeddingPhotographer15

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