Joplin MO Family Newborn Photographer – Smith Family

When we started offering newborn sessions a few years ago, I found out pretty quickly that my approach was going to be a little different than the usual cheesecloth-swaddled babies in elaborately coordinated scenes. While that type of photography can be very beautiful, I’ve found that I prefer a more documentary style. That’s why I love going to the client’s home and using the “props” they themselves own and cherish, and working with what I have to create meaningful images.

Someday Adelyn’s dad will point to that photo of her in the red wagon and tell her he was also photographed in that wagon as a baby. Someday her mom will tell her that the striking image of the two of them laying on the bed next to each other had to be captured at just the right moment since Adelyn’s arm kept swinging around at full-force into her mom’s face 🙂

Here are a few of our favorites from their session. I can’t wait to see the wall portrait collection they ordered mounted on their living room wall! Isn’t it amazing what profound beauty exists in our everyday lives?

Talk to you soon!

JoplinNewbornPhotographer09 JoplinNewbornPhotographer08 JoplinNewbornPhotographer07 JoplinNewbornPhotographer06 JoplinNewbornPhotographer05JoplinNewbornPhotographer03 JoplinNewbornPhotographer04Interested in baby and/or family photography? We customize every session! Click here to get started.

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