Bethany and Landon – Joplin MO Engagement Wedding Photographer

Early morning walks in the woods and downtown Joplin with these two made for a fun, relaxed engagement session! Bethany’s laugh is infectious, and it became evident to us right away that Landon makes her incredibly happy. We are looking forward to their fall wedding in Joplin!

We’ve also started booking well into 2016, so if you’d like to talk about engagement or wedding photography for your Joplin, Southwest MO, or anywhere wedding, send us a note!

Talk to you soon,


JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer01 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer02 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer03 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer04 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer04b JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer05 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer06 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer07 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer08 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer09 JoplinMOEngagementPhotographer10

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