Christine and Rhys – Houston TX Wedding Sorella Hotel

While we deliver hundreds of finished images to our couples, there are always a few dozen that stand out to me (Mitzi) during the editing process. These images make me laugh, smile, or sigh when I see them.

Christine and Rhys (and their friends and family) know how to have fun. Their wedding day was incredible, and for this blog post I decided to share a few highlights and non-traditional images of candid moments.

Thank you, Christine and Rhys, for trusting us with your wedding day. You were a dream to work with and we hope you enjoy these images forever!


HoustonWeddingPhotographer01 HoustonWeddingPhotographer02 HoustonWeddingPhotographer03 HoustonWeddingPhotographer03bHoustonWeddingPhotographer03cHoustonWeddingPhotographer04HoustonWeddingPhotographer04b HoustonWeddingPhotographer08HoustonWeddingPhotographer07HoustonWeddingPhotographer06HoustonWeddingPhotographer09 HoustonWeddingPhotographer11 HoustonWeddingPhotographer12 HoustonWeddingPhotographer13 HoustonWeddingPhotographer14 HoustonWeddingPhotographer15

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