Emeri Luxe Portraits – Joplin MO Photographer

This blog post is the beginning of something amazing. Our new Luxe Portraits are just… well, check out Emeri’s session below. The shoot started with hair and makeup (by yours truly), continued with careful outfit selection (yes, we have gorgeous pieces and the closet keeps growing), and then we did the shoot itself! Yes, Emeri is gorgeous. But it’s important for our current and future clients to understand that she is not a model. She is a hard-working college student who has bills, insecurities, and a busy schedule. (Yeah, that means Luxe is for everyone!)

We’re so thrilled that she loved her images and can’t wait to provide Luxe studio sessions to other women, their daughters, and my even our seniors. Curious? Just send us a note!

Also, the vast majority of inquiries we’ve been receiving lately have been from personal referrals. Yes, that means you guys. Both clients and people we’ve never met have been recommending MSP to their friends and family, and that means the world to us! Seriously. You all are the best. Thanks for helping us do what we do!!


MSPLuxeJoplin01 MSPLuxeJoplin02 MSPLuxeJoplin03 MSPLuxeJoplin04 MSPLuxeJoplin05 MSPLuxeJoplin06 MSPLuxeJoplin07 MSPLuxeJoplin08 MSPLuxeJoplin09MSPLuxeJoplin10

Interested? Yeah, we know you are. Contact us here!

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