Brittnee and Michael – Southwest MO Engagement Photographer

There’s nothing like the first fall sessions of the season! Brittnee and Michael picked a beautiful Southwest MO location for their engagement photos and we all had a wonderful time. I love how relaxed, goofy, and incredibly happy these two are together!

October has gotten off to an amazingly crazy start (so. many. beautiful. shoots.) so we’ll be sharing more soon! As always, if you want to see more frequent pretty posts, follow us on instagram: @mitzistarkweather and send us a note if you’d like to get our quarterly newsletter! (Or if you’d just like to say hi. That’s totally fine too.)

Talk to you all soon!


JoplinWeddingPhotographer01 JoplinWeddingPhotographer02 JoplinWeddingPhotographer03 JoplinWeddingPhotographer04 JoplinWeddingPhotographer05 JoplinWeddingPhotographer06 JoplinWeddingPhotographer07 JoplinWeddingPhotographer08 JoplinWeddingPhotographer10 JoplinWeddingPhotographer11 JoplinWeddingPhotographer12 JoplinWeddingPhotographer13

Want to learn more about Engagement and Wedding Photography with us? Need some amazing portraits? Send us a note! 

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