Bethany and Landon – Joplin MO Wedding Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a wedding day. So many people, emotions, and different factors make a wedding what it is. But for this Joplin, MO wedding, I feel like the word “joy” describes it best.

Meet the bride, Bethany, who was a picture of calm and joy throughout the day, who constantly asked others (including me) if there was anything she could do for them, who took a NAP (yes, on the floor) half an hour before the ceremony, who wanted to exchange hand-written vows with her husband during their First Look before the ceremony, who served her guests wedding cake one by one… She is amazing.

This was one of the weddings that made me remember why I love what I do all over again. Bethany and Landon: you two are going to have an amazing life together.



Getting married or know someone who is? We still have a few dates left for 2016, so contact Mitzi soon!

1 response to Bethany and Landon – Joplin MO Wedding Photographer

  1. loritischler says:

    A gifted photographer, for sure; you bring/show the magic in moments. (And seriously, a GOLDEN backdrop here? Unbelievable!)

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