My Own Beautiful Nieces – Joplin MO Photographer

In the past it’s been nearly impossible for me to pick out my favorite images of the year. But this year, it is without a doubt these beautiful portraits of my nieces.


During my post-Thanksgiving dinner nap last month (you know how you get the best ideas right before falling asleep?) the image of the three of them standing in this arrangement popped into my head. I decided I had to create it! The girls really got into it and we had so much fun, but the best part was surprising their grandparents with a large canvas for Christmas.

Here are a few more images from our 15-minute shoot. (Hey, coordinating three different families in December is no easy task… but we wedding photographers are used to working with what we’ve got!) Anyway, my heart kind of explodes every time I look at these, because I love my family so much. This season always reminds me of that.



I love the timeless simplicity of our MSP Luxe Portraits. If you do too, send us a note so we can plan your own beautiful portrait session!

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