Evan & Emeri – Joplin MO Wedding Photographer

Perfect snow, perfect wedding, perfect everything. Evan and Emeri’s Wedding happened during the dreamy 6 hours of snowfall we got the second Saturday of last month, and their sweet and intimate ceremony + brunch reception (best idea ever, right?) were a joy to be a part of. Emeri wore her mother’s dress (after Evan’s extremely crafty mother made a few changes to it) and you might remember seeing her gorgeous bridal session from Amadeus Ranch.

These two are so dear to Jordan and me, and I hope you will enjoy these photos (including some black and white film!) from their beautiful day.



Yes, we’re booking a few more couples for 2016! Click here to send us a note.

1 response to Evan & Emeri – Joplin MO Wedding Photographer

  1. loritischler says:

    Food for my art-hungry soul on this mid-winter-mid-week morning! SO many big smiles; so much laughter. 🙂 And you’ve done some new/amazing things with lighting. That photo at the brunch line should win an award or somethin’. Others too.
    One word of advice from someone way down the line: Get good quality prints!! I can just ‘SEE’ some of these on display at your 25th –even 50th–wedding anniversaries. Fun!

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