One Year of Luxe

Reflection isn’t usually my thing. I’m normally a looker to the future, constantly charging ahead. But I think reflection can be healthy, and it can certainly be encouraging.

I’ve said it before– Life as an artist happens in seasons. Sure, every business has its fiscal years and busy seasons and slower seasons, and numbers have to be accounted and papers have to be stapled. But when I look back at my own career, I see seasons. Some lasted a month, others lasted a year. The season before I launched Luxe was a difficult one.

I know now that I was struggling because I knew the portraiture I wanted to create and be known for, but I didn’t know how to create, package, or deliver it. And more importantly, I hadn’t dealt with my own crap the way I needed to yet. (You can’t tell women they are inherently worthy if you don’t believe it about yourself.)

And so this week I am sitting back and smiling, reviewing memories with amazing clients over the past year. When I launched Luxe Portraits, I had no idea of the life it would take and how closely it would express and resonate with my own heart.

Thank you to the women who have trusted me with their hair, makeup, and their portraits. Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me. And thank you to my best friend and partner for life, my sweet husband Jordan who has influenced the life of Luxe Portraits in far more ways than he realizes or would ever take credit for.

And so, here are some final thoughts from pieces I’ve written recently:

“I think, Good. Here you are, in my studio. And I’m going to photograph you in a way that shows your unique expressions, and capture images of you that will live on forever. This makeup/dress/setting/prop reflects you and makes you feel amazing–makes you feel like you look like the best version of yourself. Your family members will look at these portraits and hear your laugh, smell your perfume… You will look at them 10 months, 10 years from now and remember the day you felt terrified but were coached and led through it– over the walls, through the valleys. You will remember the confidence you left the shoot with. You will stop focusing on what you don’t like about yourself, and start focusing on what makes you who you are.” -From “On Beauty and Photographs”

“And so, I will continue to photograph women, while embracing the problems and celebrating who we are. We will talk about their accomplishments, their children, their dreams. And at the end of the experience they will see themselves with new eyes… and I will smile at them as they complete this journey and embark on a new one. And we will reclaim the word “beauty” and ALL it truly encompasses. We will celebrate the aesthetic of our sex, because while it does not define us it is a breathtaking work of art. And I will experience the highs and the lows and the joys and the sorrows of being woman, and I will be proud.” From “The Problem of Women’s Portraiture”



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