Luxe Portraits

luxe adj. – of high quality; elegant, luxurious. ___________________________________________ Our Luxe Studio takes the fine portrait experience to a whole new level. Specializing in women’s portraiture, we tailor the Luxe experience for modern glamour portraits, high school senior portraits, bridal portraits, family portraits, and (our favorite) classy boudoir portraits! Request our e-magazine here to get started.


“Oh my goodness, where do I even begin. Honestly, from the moment I arrived at Mitzi’s house for my shoot…right up until the moment I left, and then when I came back to view the images…all of it = so cool.

One of the things I found really delightful, that kind of caught me off guard…was how much I enjoyed having my make-up and hair done. I’m not a big “dress up” girl, but having someone skillfully do my makeup and hair was WAY fun. It’s hard to put into words, but it was just relaxing and made me feel “fancy” without being overdone. And Mitzi NAILED my hair and make-up, by the way…natural, but with subtle enhancements to really make my features pop.

I loved how on board Mitzi was with my artistic and minimalistic vision. She didn’t try to convince me to do anything I didn’t want to and totally ran with the inspirations and mood I had in mind. Hearing Mitzi’s encouragement and excitement as she took the pictures…really helped keep me smiling and excited for more photos.

Finally, viewing the photos with my husband was amazing. The photoshoot had been a fun and inspiring experience, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the final images. But Mitzi was magical at capturing a variety of beautiful images…portraying many of the expressions, poses, and emotions I had envisioned and hoped to create.”