luxe adj. – of high quality; elegant, luxurious. ___________________________________________

“I’m just so in love with [my Luxe Portraits]. I took them when I was at my heaviest weight/largest size (I still am) and I’d convinced myself I should wait until I lost 30 pounds or I was skinny enough to look like I wanted, but I didn’t because of Mitzi’s encouragement and my own feelings about body positivity, and I’m so glad because they’re so incredible. I just want to encourage anyone who wants to do something like this to do it now, because you aren’t a before picture. Does this look like a “before” picture to you? No, I don’t think so. I love you Mitzi.” -Taylor

Our Luxe Studio takes the fine portrait experience to a whole new level. Specializing in women’s portraiture, we tailor the Luxe experience for modern glamour portraits, high school senior portraits, bridal portraits, family portraits, and (our favorite) classy boudoir portraits! We now offer couples portraits too! Request our e-magazine here to get started.